Sewage handling

The long experience gained in this field by the current owner and technical manager, has allowed AC ENERGIA to design pumping stations, lifting and transfer sewage, mixing systems and separation plants, made by selecting reliable and safe equipment and materials, designed to treat a product particularly difficult, both for the high variability of the concentration of solids content, both for the corrosivity.

Submersible or external shredding pumps

According to your needs we propose:

- Submersible shredding pumps                                                                                                

- External shredding pumps

- Single screw pumps

- Separators

- Stainless steel, PE or PVC transfer lines

- Valves for shut-off and withdrawal of sewage

- Submersible mixers suitable for use in aggressive environments, with motors from 1.5 to 25

As well as equipment of our own direct production such as:

- Pneumatic winches for mixers

- Level tracker for submersible mixers

- Automatic swinging system for mixers

- Volumetric level gauge for slurry storage tanks 

Screw press separators

Supply and installation of separators, including the pumping system for sending the slurry.


Level tracker for submersible mixers

Device that allows the mixer to automatically follow the level variations of the material/liquid present in the tanks or containers, avoiding the formation of crust and surface hardening.