Machine designed for the pasteurization of all those products that need a heat treatment to eliminate or reduce the bacterial load present. The products subjected to pasteurization maintain substantially unchanged their physical and organoleptic characteristics. The machine is designed to carry out thermal treatments based on cycles of heating - cooling. The choice of the temperature to be applied and the time of application depends on the nature of the product to be restored.

Main fields of application


- Heat treatment of supplements and bioactivators for feed production

- Bioactivators heat treatment for purification

- Heat treatment of ABPs (animal by-products) in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1609/2009 and subsequent amendments and additions and Regulation (EU) No 294/2013

- Heat treatment of slaughterhouse waste at 70°C for 1 hour, energy by-product used in biogas plants (SOA category 3)

Due to the flexibility of the company, ad hoc solutions are possible on request. The design and construction of this machine are entirely the property of AC ENERGIA Srl.