Our research and development department has recently developed an innovative (and nowhere to be found on the market) automatic level tracking system for submersible mixers or also called, level tracker, designed to improve the mixing of liquids, and to make the raising and lowering of the mixers automatic according to the filling and emptying level in any type of tank. In particular, its use is very successful in the loading tanks and secondary digesters of the biogas plants, in the slurry storage tanks of livestock farms, in sewage treatment plants, and in many industrial applications for which the mixers must be moved depending on the filling level of the tanks.

The functionality of the level tracker is based on constant control of the liquid level inside the tank, and on sending this data to a control unit that processes it, then controlling the electromechanical mixer movement system so that it always keeps it at a precise depth,  taking into account the free surface of the liquid.

The possibility of setting the depth level of the mixer allows the user to choose whether to keep the agitator just under the surface of the liquid, for example to prevent the formation of floating masses, or to keep it at half the mass of product to be mix; it also allows you to vary the position of the mixer daily in those tanks which, like the primary digesters of biogas plants, always remain full but require a daily variation of the position of the mixers, to keep the content well mixed and homogeneous.

The level tracker can be installed to serve all types of electric or hydraulic submersible mixers, and being programmable, it maintains its functionality even if the agitator is replaced with others of different brands.

Depending on the use, it can also be supplied with Atex Certification.

Below some pictures of the cutting drum taken during the installation phase.