Biogas plants from 75 to 300 kw

- We are able to offer "turnkey" biogas plants, built according to your needs and sized according to the slurry / manure and available land.

- We work on biogas plants that are stopped to reactivate them, reusing the existing structures as much as possible (Revamping).

- We carry out extensions and modifications aimed at improving the operation and efficiency of biogas plants.

- We have selected the best equipment and components that meet the criteria of:

   1) Robustness

   2) Reliability

   3) Ease of use

The experience gained has allowed us to develop innovative products, specific for biogas plants, entirely designed and manufactured by AC Energia (see applications).

- Level trackers for submersible mixers: device that allows the mixer to automatically follow the level variations of the material present in the tanks or containers, avoiding the formation of crust and surface hardening.         

- Pneumatic winch ACVP63 for biogas plant mixer

- Mixer orientation and positioning system for tanks with slabconcrete roof:

In particular, we are specialized in the realization of small plants (from 75 to 300 KW) that mainly use livestock manure and vegetable waste present within the same farm.

We collaborate with a TEAM OF EXPERT BIOLOGISTS that will support you and bring the plant to maximum production in the shortest possible time, and will prepare your staff to manage the plant independently.