Automatic swinging system for mixer

- New component that expands the range of products we offer to make the handling of your mixers more and more automatic!

- The system allows you to rotate the guide pole on which the mixer is mounted, clockwise and counter clockwise alternating, thus allowing you to significantly expand   

  the area affected by the thrust of the mixer impressed by the agitator.

- Indispensable in the external tanks of the concentric digesters, it is also very useful for the management of the mixers installed in the simple circular tanks.

- The operator of the plant can decide how many degrees to rotate the mixer, activate the system and let it work, no longer having to go and manually adjust the  

  position of the agitator.

- The operation is similar to that of a home fan, but obviously the mechanism that allows you to get that result is a robust hydraulic system, complete with control unit and 

   rotation control system.

- By combining it with the pneumatic winch or the pneumatic actuator for winches, it makes the handling of your mixers completely automatic!